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In the 1980s and early 90s I wrote several articles for percussion and music publications. All of the articles below appeared in a national magazine in one form or another. Some of these articles will appear dated and probably humorous while others have applications which are still relevant. My best, and most enduring effort are the three articles I wrote on how I built my home studio. Copies of that article have been viewed by people all over the world.

Some Tips Toward More Effective Practice, Published in Modern Drummer, March 1986

MIDI And The Percussion Teacher, Published in Modern Drummer, July 1988

Desigining and Building a Home Studio: From A Drummer's Perspective , Rhythm, October, November, December 1989, January 1990 This series of articles describes the entire process of designing and building my home studio, complete with lots of pictures, diagrams, plans, etc.
Part One
, Rhythm, October 1989
Part Two
, Rhythm, November 1989
Part Three
, Rhythm, December 1989, January 1990

Interview With Mike Myers, Published in Experience Music, Summer 1994, Volume II, No. 3.

Dealing With Music Dealers (1991)

Dealing With Unruly Audience Members, Goldmine, March 8, 1991. ...Not an article, per se, but a letter/editorial which was published. If I had my way, this would be required reading for all patrons attending any live concert!

Answers to "Tutti" Questions appearing in Southwestern Musician
November 2007

September 2008

August 2009

Protecting Your Most Valuable Instrument, Posted at in The Exchange, March 2010

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