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    Crib Chimp
Brooklyn Boogie
I've Got It
It Takes Two
Movin' On
Samba Dees Blues
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  Dan Haerle Plays the Music of Dan Haerle with Mike Myers   Dan Haerle Plays the Music of Dan Haerle with Mike Myers Download DAN HAERLE PLAYS THE MUSIC OF DAN HAERLE:
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Mike Myers is proud to present his newest solo album, The Big Picture, a diverse collection of creative instrumental music from the Denton-Texas based composer-drummer-keyboardist. This inventive, beautifully packaged set features nine performances of Myers’ original instrumental jazz/rock compositions which rely heavily on classic analog synthesizer sounds, first made popular in the 1970s. The Big Picture is an incredibly absorbing listen.

Boasting confident musicianship and a dazzling variety of contrasting styles, The Big Picture is a highly accessible and very listenable creation. As on his two other solo albums: Sonic Frontiers, and Myriad, Mike Myers handles the duties of playing all instruments, recording, mixing and producing his original music from his home studio. The Big Picture contains a mixture of diverse styles such as jazz/rock fusion, reggae, symphonic rock, minimalism, classic rock, electronic and ambient music.

Mike Myers states “It’s a challenging collection that accords the listener a modicum of imagination and intelligence.”


John's Journey
Golden Remembrance
The Big Picture
Running With Scissors
Freedom Suite
Who The Hell Is Wolf?

  The Big Picture Cover  

Percussive Arts Society, PERCUSSIVE NOTES, May 2013

"The tracks are interesting, at times complex with mixed meters, drum solos, and unison figures, but for me, always enjoyable. If you like the classic analog synthesizer sounds of the 1970s (think ELP, Yes, Ambrosia, etc.) you will enjoy the latest Mike Myers CD and his unique and eclectic compositions."



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The Big Picture Cover


The Big Picture Cover


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Flagrant Obsessions
X-91 A
Reggae Mama
Rosie's Blues
Baby Freckles
Sonic Frontiers
Bossa Puddin'
Well Alright
Impression IV
Land Of Goshin

Sonic Frontiers Cover

MJM Audio: Great electronic jazz with real percussion.

Progression: For the listener who enjoys ...synthesized sound with an experimental flair, Sonic Frontiers is worth a listen.

Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA): Truly musical genius of the 90's. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Percussive Arts Society: ...Mike Myers has a great deal of talent. Every cut on this CD has moments of inspiration.

Mesquite News: ...Rivals the best 70's fusion bands...

Experience Music: ...Recorded with painstaking care and exhibiting a subdued confidence that makes the difficult sound effortless and the exotic sound comfortably familiar. Pristine sound, clean graphics, confident performances and creative compositional touches set this apart.



  Sonic Frontiers CD $8.99 + $2.50 postage
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  Sonic Frontiers Cover
  Sonic Frontiers Cover Download SONIC FRONTIERS:

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MYRIAD (1996)  


Bad Attitudes
Moon Germ Strut
Real Deal Lucille
Youth In Asia
Interlude I
Interlude II
Cosmic Folicles
Waitin' For The UPS Guy
Gentle Moments

  Myriad Cover  

CDelight: March 1997:Instrumental one-man jazzrock/progrock project. The album is dominated by skilful drumming with a superb production. Keyboards are cheerfully tuned and sound mainly analog, without exaggerating clinical soundscapes. Towards the end some superfluous percussive explorations.

Tarkus: December 1996 - This review could have been really short: Buy this record! There are similarities to ELP (the symphonic part of the music) combined with virtous jazzrock like Chick Corea, Tribal Tech, Simon Phillips and Bill Bruford. ...A beautiful instrumental synth-album - no guitars, but varied with good samples and percussion sounds. Excellent sound quality / production. ...Also 7/8 signatures, thrilling harmonies and a warm mood. Even your wife may like this one! Conclution: Buy this record today.

Compact Disc Services: Summer 1997 Catalog (England):One guy did all of this and, considering it's on par with the best instrumental output from Emerson, Lake and Palmer, that's no mean feat. Over 66 minutes of completely instrumental, original prog rock, based entirely around synths, samples, keyboards and electronics as lead passage, layers and textures over a solid percussive backdrop. Features 12 tracks of mighty strong prog, full of great rhythms, titanic melodies and totally exquisite synth/kybd work. Immaculately produced, impeccably played and composed with intricate, accessibly tracks, full-sounding, melodic, it is prog with its roots in ELP, Happy The Man, Camel, etc. semi-classical prog and beyond.

Percussive Notes (PAS): Winter 1997 I have been a fan of Mike Myers' music and percussive genius for a long time and I know you will become one after listening to Myriad. Highly recommended.

Recording October 1997: ...it's one of the cleanest, best defined recordings we've heard: lots of quirky things popping in and out, yet the listener never loses focus. And the drum sound is excellent, on a par with the virtuoso performance. The word awesome comes to mind. Myriad is a high-energy rock/jazz fusion instrumental, showcasing Mike's prowess on drums and everything else. He can compose, orchestrate, and play with the best. So what's he doing in Mesquite, TX? Check his website if you want to know.


Progression: Fall 1996, Volume 1, 21 - I wish all one-man band projects were this pleasant. Myers' compositions favor an accessible, linear,course heavy on both melody and chops with a crisp, energetic feel. ... it's hard to find fault with such upbeat music, especially when the chops are up to snuff.

Expose': Fall/Winter 1996/97, Issue No. 11 - Solo projects based on keyboards seem to come a dime a dozen these days, but what sets Myers apart from others is his insistence on using real (yes, REAL!) drums, not programmed percussion and drum machines. Also his melodic sensibilities are a mite nonstandard, which helps keep the music interesting the listener guessing. ...Most tunes fall somewhere in the realm of jazz-rock, often employing odd time signatures and asymmetrical arrangemens. Over the long haul this is an album that grabs the attention and gets more compelling with each successive listen. Recommended.

ATROPOS: Spring 1997 (Spain):Mike Myers... what a beast, what a monster! But, is he a keyboardist or a percussionist? Because no doubt he is a master of both disciplines. As a keyboardist, he has direct influences of Keith Emerson, "Bad Attitudes" 7:34; classic, spacials (he even dedicates "Cosmic Follicles" 4:58 to Ozric Tentacles). As a drummer, suffice it to say that "Youth in Asia" 7:48 and "Myriad" 5:38 have been arranged as percussion studies in the main University schools of his area.

Sounds: Hammond and Moog dominate his musical style with huge keyboard runs and intricate drum and percussion passages. He is no doubt one of my personal discoveries which I like most. He is presently working in his third studio album.

  Myriad CD $8.99 + $2.50 postage
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  Myriad Cover
  Myriad Cover Download MYRIAD:

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