The Infamous Steve Cooper Prank Phone Call Files (Remastered)


Once upon a time, way back in 1971-72 there were four rag-tag guys who went to school at Evans Junior High in Lubbock, Texas: Brian Carr, Steve Cooper, Robbie Harper and Mike Myers

These teenage delinquents had nothing better to do with their time than harass innocent, God fearing, law abiding proprietors of Hispanic barbershops.

Long before the days of caller ID, cell phones and many other advances of current technology, these ne'er-do-wells were able to successfully terrorize a small, select group of residents of Lubbock, Texas. One such gentleman, Steve Cooper, rose to the top and was a fearless leader in his attempts to do a very believable Spanish/English accent which went unchallenged by the many callers he spoke with by phone. Possessing a genius-like knack for improvising hilarious, quick, on the spot conversations, Steve Cooper turned in a first class performance which still stands the test of time, 40 years later.

These prank phone calls have been kept in a box which has moved all over the state of Texas during the past 40 years. Now, it seems the time is right to revisit those hilarious and mischievous tapes. With some modern day digital editing, it is now possible to present these phone calls in all of their pristine glory.

So, sit back, relax and make sure that you have recently gone to the rest room or there will likely be a problem. Here, ladies and gentlemen are the Infamous Steve Cooper Prank Phone Calls from 1971-72